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06 Jan 2022

Why do you need to carry out a Face Fit Test?

1. It’s The Law

In the UK anyone who wears a tight fitting face mask as part of their job is legally required to undergo a face fit test. A certificate is required to prove the face mask offers sufficient levels of protection during the working day. As a legal requirement to protect your employees with adequate RPE.

2. Finding A New Mask

If your employees need new face masks then a face fit test is required to find the best fit. It can be tempting to buy your RPE in bulk and save time and money, but when it comes to face masks a one size fits all approach is not always the best solution. Your employees all have different requirements when it comes to masks. To ensure no harmful chemicals or dust harm your employees, you need to provide adequate face fit testing.

3. Protecting Employees Health

Face fit testing will help keep your employees safe against the harmful effects of hazardous chemicals, materials or diseases. By ensuring the face mask is adequately fitted to your employees’ faces, you are protecting them to the best of your ability. Having respiratory protective equipment that is fitted correctly is essential in reducing workplace related illnesses or deaths. Harmful substances that employees work with can build up and cause serious long term health conditions.

4. Facial Changes

Weight changes, facial hair or injuries to the face can all affect the protection level offered by a face mask. It is vital to carry out face fit testing after such changes to ensure that the masks still offer adequate protection. For example, subtle changes to facial hair can hugely impact the seal of the face mask; loose-fitting RPE puts the wearer at risk of illness from toxic chemicals.

5. You Haven’t Tested Your Employees In A While

Even if the face of your employees hasn’t undergone significant changes and you haven’t replaced your workplace masks, it is important to undergo regular face fit testing. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that masks should be checked regularly to ensure there fit for purpose.

06 Apr 2016

Advanced Incident Response and Accident Investigation Course

Long-time NWCSG supporters and H&S law specialists, Osborne, Abas, Hunt (OAH Law) are running 3 x one-day intensive Incident Response and Accident Investigation Courses on dates in May, June and September 2016.

The course is designed to signiicantly enhance the assistance provided to companies by internal investigations, and ensure the most appropriate internal handling of matters under investigation by the police and/or Health and Safety Executive, both of which have never been more important in the light of the new sentencing regime which took effect on 1st February 2016.

Adv Incident Response Acc Inv_001 small


Immediate internal actions following a work place incident | Understanding the actions and investigative powers of the police and HSE in major incidents | Co-operation with the authorities without school boy errors | HSE’s response to non-major incidents | Understanding and challenging initial enforcement action – Fees for Intervention, Improvement Notices and Prohibition Notices | Understanding the remit of Inquests and their connection with potential criminal proceedings Internal investigations – remit, evidence gathering, analysis, recommendations, report writing and next steps.

For a full course spec, please click here.

The course contents are specifically tailored to ensure delegates fully appreciate how actions taken in the aftermath of an incident can be directly relevant in any subsequent sentencing process if a subsequent prosecution leads to conviction, whilst also looking at strategies to avoid prosecution.

Get in touch to book your place via or please call 0161 200 8450 to book with Executive Assistant, Jessica Brown.


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