I recently visited Coops Foyer, in Wigan to catch up with Jess Heyes, Training and Support Manager. I had met Jess in difficult circumstances last May after a young man in the care of the Coops Foyer, entered one of our city centre construction projects.

In all the stress, strain an anxiety of the day, Jess and I spoke about the incident on the day. Jess’s consideration and advice to me as a complete stranger made an immediate impact on me. The dedication, passion and drive to want to provide love, care and support for this young man was so evident.

I stayed in contact with Jess and we have managed to assist the charity in helping to repair the gym floor at Coops Foyer in Wigan to assist the residents.

During my last visit we were trying to support Jess by introducing some of the residents to opportunities in construction and training. Jess is an absolute heroine. So positive, engaging and desperate to change the lives of these young people, it is a humbling experience to watch and observe Jess at work, in such difficult circumstances.

Coops Foyer a Wigan based charity supporting young single homeless people aged 16-25 with support needs. Staff provide advice and support with life skills, employment, training and education and move-on.

If you read this and you think you or your business can assist and try to offer help and assistance to Jess and Coops Foyer in Wigan, please reach out.  coopsfoyer@yourhousinggroup.co.uk

You don’t need to be an NHS frontline nurse worker to be a heroine and angel, you just need to be like Jess.